The little fashion show

I’m now in the matura year and we all need to do a matura work. I decided to make a little fashion collection for this work.  



How V&S is an inspiration to me!

It’s hightime to wright again something. So I decided to tell you what I got as inspiration for my new drawings. So have you seen the new designs of Victoria Secrets?? If not you should absolutely check it out. I had follwed the V&S for a few weeks and I knew that the fashion show is coming up. Couldn’t wait but I still haven’t seen the show. I’ll have to see it definitely when it’s out! What I totally need to say that I’ve never drawn before dessous. So My goal is to increase my skills in this theme.
Now, you know that my inspiration comes from the V&S, so just enjoy my creation. And feel free to give your thoughts with it…


Fashion project in school!

Hey Folks,
Maybe you are made the question what are they doing? or what ever:) So I’ll tell you our little story. We have to a schoolproject and it’s about fashion/streetstyle/blog. Our group would like to present you the work of this partial project in which we decided too make our own dress….
Today’s results are some sketchs and concret ideas for our end product!

The pictures are from our second working they. BildBild